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Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory

Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory (NWROSL), has been operating continuously out of the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon since 1995. We offer a variety of different analytical services related to obsidian artifact trace element provenance (“sourcing”) studies and obsidian source studies, primarily in the context of archaeological research. This website describes our services and provides methodological and source information that supplements and supports our contract investigations and research interests. Click here for a summary of our XRF services. Interested in our company logo? Read more about it.

Northwest Archaeometrics: You might want to also have a look around our companion lab,  Northwest Archaeometrics. Northwest Archaeometrics offers 3D scanning and morphometric analyses of artifacts, GIS services, archaeological excavation and laboratory workflow/inventory software, and more.

Looking for Hydration Services? Our former obsidian hydration laboratory is now operating independently as Willamette Analytics. Jennifer Thatcher, the longtime experienced hydration analyst at Northwest Research, remains at the helm.

We are happy to announce that we have made available a shapefile as well as downloadable spreadsheet containing the source locations in our database! To access these data, head over to the resources page or click here.